Author Coleen Rector

I am a multi-genre author with a children's series, a memoir and a sweet contemporary romance series.  

My writing began at an early age watching my mother and grandmother write in their journals daily. At times their only journal writing was the temperature and what they fixed for meals. My mother's journal keeping would prove to come in handy for my memoir. Growing up I spent a lot of time reading. We only watched television on Saturday morning so to occupy my time by myself I read. I enjoyed mysteries.  

I took my writing serious in high school when I enrolled in a creative writing class. Some days our writing assignment was easy, some were fun and then there were some days when I thought my head would explode trying to come up with a "creative" idea."Just write what you love and know about," my teacher explained. "And pay attention to the world around you. There are ideas everywhere."  

I've experienced many work adventures over the years. I've made pizzas on an assembly line in a factory, been a surgical technician, Emergency Medical Technician, waitress, cook at a church camp, child care provider, Red Cross CPR Instructor and Vice-Chairman of our area, church secretary, youth leader, an assistant at a nursing home (one of my favorite jobs), a decorating consultant, flipped houses and now I am fulfilling my passion as an author.You just might find a previous experience in one of my books.  

My husband and I live in Kansas. We have one daughter who is married. They have five children and keep us busy. We have one dog, two cats and an aquarium full of fish.  

In my spare time I enjoy reading, walking the dog, being outside when the weather permits and kayaking. We have traveled to Jamaica, Bahamas and St. Lucia as well as many states.