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 Jenna Matthews works tireless hours as an Event Planner for a prestigious event company in Washington. After the tragic loss of her husband, she focuses her energy on landing a huge promotion, but she needs a vacation-or so she's been told by her boss. When her cousin invites her to the beautiful island of St. Lucia for some fun and sun, she's hesitant to pack her bags because the island she once loved, has been tarnished by painful memories. With a little more convincing, she decides it might be time to make new memories.
Maceo Berry owns and operates a successful business as a Landscape Architect in Texas but makes it a point to visit his parent's hotel in St. Lucia at least once a year. Visiting his family's seaside hotel should be a relaxing vacation, if it didn't bring up horrific memories of loss. This homecoming will prove to be a challenge, as the hotel business is dwindling, and his parents are eager for him to take over the reins.
Following a few run-in's after their arrival, barely knowing each other, Jenna allows Maceo to show her more of the island. When an unfortunate accident sends their vehicle over a cliff, will they be able to rely on each other to stay strong until help arrives?
Will Jenna accept love for a second time, or return to Washington to accept the promotion?
Will Maceo give up what he's worked so hard for in Texas, for the love of his family and their business?
Careers or love, which will they choose?